26 februar 2009

the studio of Astrid Noack

“Astrid Noack return". Opening Exhibition August 19, 2010

Director of the Royal Danish Academy giving the opening speech, talking about the importance of the social milieu and how it has been influencing the art.

Reinstalling the studio of the sculptor in Nørrebro. The Exhibition organized by a working group with until now unknown photos of the Astrid Noach in her studio. A 1/1 photo of her wrapping up the famous Anne Ancher sculpture, showing the size of the  sculptures she worked on in this small space. Also the video “Gensyn” (Recognition) a row of interviews with people who has known Astrid Noack and visited the studio mostly as models around 50 years ago.
Photo by Susanne Merz.

Performance by Jytte Kjøbek during the exhibition "Astrid Noack return".
Photo by Susanne Merz.

“Young man planting a tree”
The Plaster sculpture is made in the studio in 1949. It has been given to Vallkilde Højskole (a school fro grownups) in Seeland 60 years ago. When the studio was launching the opening exhibition the school gave it to the Association of Astrid Noacks Atelier. The Bronce foundry Leif Jensen has sponsored the restoration of the sculpture and Mogens Jensen (Hellerup Transportation company) has sponsored the transportation from  Vallekilde to the  foundry and from there to the studio.

“Social Sculpture” Performance. June 16-20, 2010 by Sarah Hamming.
Sarah says: The dramaturgy of the performance is inspired by the works and working method of Astrid Noack, which make the creation process an event between the audience and the players.
The performance is inspired by her understanding of the individual which Astrid Noack expressed through her works.

Inauguration of a Memorial plate in metal for Astrid Noacks studio
Wednesday 21, October 2010
Se mere

First step: The owner let the association use the Astrid Noacks studio. We are cleaning up. The big problem is the leaking roof, - trying to repair it.

Lecture by Art historian Hanne Pedersen February the 26th, 2009
at Nørrebro library about Astrid Noack in Rådmandsgade.

Stiftende generalforsamling of the Association "Astrid Noacks Atelier in Rådmandsgade" June 21, 2009

At an initiative from YNKB a public meeting took place at Nørrebro Library on February the 26th, 2009 with art historian Hanne Pedersen, who had finished a research project  about the Danish  sculptor Astrid Noack and published  a  book “Stærkere end  livet”. (“Stronger than Life”) . The meeting ended up in creating an association "Astrid Noacks Atelier in Rådmandsgade", which aim is  to maintain her studio and the surrounding unique environment for cultural purposes.

Downloade YNKB Tema 16: Astrid Noacks Atelier i Raadmandsgade 1936 - 50

See: http://astrid-noack.dk